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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So there's a store here called "My Sisters Closet" for designer consignment items.  I've been shopping there for years and like to bring in things that I don't wear anymore for what I like to think of as "free money."  I'm not going to wear whatever it is anymore and rather than throw it out, I can make some cash on it, although I'm considering the blog sale idea too.

Anyways, a few months ago I was at Saks during their beauty week when they had these really cute snakeskin purses available for the event.  I got one and love it- it's nothing super fancy- just a great tote with cute hot pink lining.  Here's a pic I found online:
Image: karlasugar.net

I carry this bag almost everyday because its such a great "carryall" and I have a co-worker who is in love with it. She would have everyone in the office stop and look at the bag as she described how great it is and that she had dreams about it.  Well since I knew she liked it so much I tried tracking one down for her, called Saks, but no luck.  Then last week I was at Sissy's and they had a brand new one with the tags and everything!  Using my credit it only cost me around 10 bucks so I obviously had to get it for her.

I wrapped it up in a big box with wrapping paper and brought it in for her saying someone "dropped it off for her" earlier that day.  Once she opened it she knew it was me and was so happy.  I was just glad I was able to find it for her because I know what it's like when you want something that is no longer available.  She asked if she could pay me for it and I of course refused, after all, I used mostly "free money" but later she stopped by my desk with a gift bag saying she had to get me something so I open it up and what is it I see....
Image: Nordstrom.com

Are you serious?! I seriously almost started crying.  I have been wanting that watch for SO LONG but couldn't justify it.  It made me think that "good things come to those who wait" but I also feel bad because I only spent a little over 10 actual dollars- the rest was just money I happened to get from being thrifty ;)  I feel so lucky!


Britt said...

How sweet! Of both of you! :)

blue eyed girl said...

wow so cool, if only more people would do random acts of kindness. way to start a trend bunny ;)

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