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Sunday, January 23, 2011

eharmony fail

So I was dating this guy for a few weeks and I could tell he definitely like me more than I liked him but I wanted to give it a fair shot and see if I could develope more feelings for him (remind me to never do this again, I need an instant attraction). 

Last Sunday I went to his sisters for a little get together with family and friends and met his fam for the first time.  At the end of the night he told me that he's not seeing anyone else nor does he want to.  I just sort of stood there, gave an awkward giggle and said something dumb like "thank you."

Last night I went out with him, his roommate, his gf, and then I invited my friend to meet up with us.  The guy and I go back to my friends, I end up going to bed earlier and then I wake up and she tells me something "happened" between them and said she didn't remember exactly what.  Are you kidding me?!

Now I definitely wasn't upset because I really didn't like him and thought it was a lost cause anyway but 1. Don't tell me you don't want to see anyone else and then hit on/mess around with my friend and 2. This is obviously not a very nice friend. 

I've had problems with her in the past with me and guys.  For one reason or another and I hate writing this because it sounds stuck up but guys usually like me over her.  This has made her a jealous person I think.  One guy that I was dating (while she had a boyfriend) she said she liked and then he got too clingy with me and I told her I wasn't sure how I was feeling about him and she got mad at me for something stupid and texted him saying I said all these bad things about him (which I didn't) and that I didn't like him. 

More recently, I went out with another guy I met on eHarmony and he had a tattoo that I wasn't the biggest fan of (a darwin fish) and shared that with her but I explained that it wasn't a deal breaker by any means and that as long as someone I'm with is accepting of my beliefs that's ok with me.  Well then she goes and joins eHarmony, gets matched up with him, starts talking to him, and tells him that I didn't like him. Stay out of my business!!

This last thing is my final straw I think.  I mean how many times can she try to ruin things for me?  And there are more stories than the ones I've just shared.  I don't know what to do with the relationship.  I feel like I can't trust her with anything personal and I'm sick of feeling betrayed.  She has some good qualities but I don't know where to draw the line.  And it's also hard because I don't really have many girlfriends here in town.  Any advice? Thoughts?

This whole situation makes me really glad I didn't tell any of my IRL friends about this blog- especially her! I'm so glad I can vent on here and get my feelings out.  :)


blue eyed girl said...

wow, that story went a completely different direction than I anticipated...
first off I'm glad things didn't work out with the dbag
secondly don't keep friends around just for the sake of having friends...friendships are a lot like dating-if you're dating a guy that you don't really like it'll probably make it harder to meet a guy you actually like; I personally think this works the same way with friends-what you surround yourself with is what you attract, even if it's not who you are. guilt by association came to mind for some reason but I think that's a decent way of explaining it.

thirdly I have very frew girlfriends so we clearly have a solution. :)

keep your chin up and just move on, you're better than him and her...you deserve the world so stop settling and listen to your heart when dealing with others, but use your head when taking care of yourself.

Britt said...

Dodged a bullet with that guy. Oy.

With your friend, I think she isn't really a friend at all. She sounds entirely jealous of you and her behaviour is really appalling. If it was me, I'd be ending the friendship. I'd rather have no girlfriends than have one 'friend' like her!

Big hugs my dear!

Elizabeth said...

I am so sorry to hear this...how could someone do that to you? You are so sweet....Aww..I feel so bad for you.... As far as friendship! Let's get together, girl! We should meet up for Happy Hour or something!! :-) I am thinking about you!!

Keri said...

I think I would confront her about it. Its really messed up when a friend you trust keeps making your relationships bomb.
You should probably reevaluate your friendship with her.

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