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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Andre House Phoenix

Last night I volunteered at Andre House.. a "house of hospitality" to serve those in need in Phoenix.  I've never volunteered at soup kitchen like that before and it was a truly amazing experience and makes me so thankful for all I have.  By the looks of some people you would never know they have to come to a place like that to eat.  The food looked amazing too- so much fresh produce and fruit that looked super yummy.. we joked that the food there is better than the food we get at work.  I had my hair braided kind of around my head and one guy told me I look like a princess :) so sweet.  Everyone was so appreciative and thanked us for being there and told us how kind it is that we went to help.  When they first came in there were a couple families with young kids and I looked to the girl next to me and she was crying, which of course made me tear up too!  I have full intentions on returning, ideally once a month if I can.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, I went on my SECOND eHarmoney date with Matt and it went well!  We went to a really cute restaurant in Phoenix called Hula's.. they have a patio with a firepit and really cute retro Hawaii feel :)  And tomorrow I'm going on another date with someone else!

On Sunday my mom and I wanted to try a new Church.  We decided on a Lutheran Church called Prince of Peace (her choice- I wanted to try a different one).  I wanted to go to a big Church with lots of people there and lots to do there (classes, bible study, retreats) but she assured me this was a "big" church so off we went.  We were kinda running late so we ran in and took our seats right away.  Once we were seated we started to read the bulletin and it looked a little funny- it was talking about "the Ward" and we didn't know what that was and started to think maybe we were there on a special Sunday and this wasn't the normal service.  Then it was time to sing Joy to the World and we sort of eased into everything.  Then it went back to the Ward and we were confused again so my mom asked the lady if she went to that Church and if this service was a typical one.  The lady said it was and it's a 3 hour service and that's what its like for the first hour.  At this point my mom turned back around with a funny look on her face and I told her to ask the lady what church this was, in case we were at the wrong one.  Turns out, we were in a Mormon Church*... whoops! The lady then asked where we wanted to be and if we wanted to leave and we hightailed it out of there and down the street to Prince of Peace so we wouldn't be too late.

After church my mom and I went to breakfast together at True Food Kitchen and did some shopping.  Such a wonderful Sunday with my mom! :)

*Nothing wrong with being Mormon, it's just not what we practice! :)
Saturday, December 11, 2010


So I started the Couch to 5K program today yesterday (scheduling post) and I have to say, I really like it!  I know it's only been one day and all, but I think it's a really good program.  I was thinking day 1 was going to be too easy but it was just right!  I went 2.3 miles and was the perfect amount of tired.  I didn't feel like I was going to collapse but I definitely felt like I had just gone from the couch to 2.3mi haha

Along the way, I passed the cutest house with a "doggie bistro."  It was soooo cute I had to take a picture.  I was trying to get my shadow out of the way but I obviously failed but they had water, treats, and everything.  You can tell good people live there :)
Thursday, December 9, 2010

eHarmony date #1

So last night I had my first date with "Matt, 34, Phoenix" and I'd say it went very well!  We met at the dog park after I got off work and hung out there for about an hour and then tried to go to Starbucks for some hot coco but they were already closed.  The only bad part was, I was wearing a (cute) hoodie, leggings, and flip flops but the temp was in the low 50s so my toes were FREEZING!!  I felt like I was walking like an idiot because of my completely frozen toes but I guess it was overlooked because we have date #2 tomorrow night :) I'm not sure what we're doing yet but I will be sure to recap!
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

woe is me; a personal story

It's been a rough week or so.  My car got broken into and someone broke into my house- while I was in it.  I borrowed a truck from my dad and it stalled in an intersection at 11:30 at night when I was getting off work and NO ONE stopped to help me as I sat helpless and dangerously in oncoming traffic while drunk guys from the club just stared at me.  Our plumbing went out so I couldn't shower for 3 days (thank goodness for dry shampoo).  And I'm withdrawing from years dependent on an SSRI to keep my anxiety at bay. 

The last one scares me the most.  With one white little pill I felt like everything would be okay.  But that little pill that I so treasured for so long feels like poison leaving my body.  My heart starts pounding, my vision suddenly escapes me with no notice, and it feels like my brain is moving freely inside my head- but the show must go on.  They talk about chemical imbalances of serotonin and dopamine, reuptake inhibitors, neurotransmitters and synaptic clefts and while I understand the science behind it all, [shit, I studied it for 4 years], I need to face the reality of it all.  And the reality is, taking it was an easy way for me to "face" my anxiety, "relax" my heart, and "conquer" years of unhealthy eating habits.

While this topic is a little serious compared to my other posts, I feel it's something I should put out there, in case anyone else is going through it, or knows someone who is, and to just get it off my chest.  I feel better already! And so I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Plato:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." 
Monday, December 6, 2010

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

So I finally got my hands on the Boscia Luminizing Black mask this weekend!  According to Sephora, it's "a groundbreaking, mineral-rich mask that peels off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects." As soon as I got home I had to try this bad boy out. 

I applied a pretty thick layer all over my face because I wanted to be sure I was getting the maximum effects my first time. It feels very cool and tingly on the face when you first put it on and then it tightens up, hardens and then it is time to peel it off.  Owww, does it hurt when you peel it off!! This is one serious mask (it was def more painful where the mask was thickest- next time I'll do a thinner layer).  I think it even ripped out some of my fine facial hairs because my skin looked like it had been waxed in some areas and it was pretty red.  HOWEVER, my skin was super smooth after and you could see all the impurites on the mask so it was well worth it!

Next I want to try the GlamGlow mask that Blue Eyed Girl recently raved about... anyone else have any masks they love?

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