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Monday, January 24, 2011

"friend" problem

"You deserve the world so stop settling and listen to your heart when dealing with others, but use your head when taking care of yourself." - Blue Eyed Girl

I think this is some of the best advice I have heard and how lucky am I that it came from a bloggy and IRL friend?  It's true.  I need to stop settling.  I think I do this a lot just because it's the easier option.  This will be one of my commandments for the Happiness Project which I still need to do a post on. 

Sorry this is so short but I just wanted to share that little quote with you!


blue eyed girl said...

♥ u

Jill said...

I am a new follower. I read your post from the other day and I must say she is not your friend. A true friend would never, ever do that!! I know that it is hard to let a "friend" go but I have done it, I knew it was for the best. My friend manipulated me and was always trying to take what I had. Our friendship got to the point where is had to end or I was going to go crazy. that was 8 years ago, we are not friends today and I do not have 1 single regret!!

Elizabeth said...

Blue Eye Girl, said it perfectly!!!! :-)

CannyCole said...

i've tried to post a comment a few times, and it keeps saying "Error"!
Blue eyed girl nailed it!! Always remember,
It's better to have one friend of great value than many friends of little value.
This girl doesn't seem like a great friend! And it's not very nice that she's done this to you...more than once. Not cool.
You deserve nothing but the best, and never settle for anything less.

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