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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So, I went on my SECOND eHarmoney date with Matt and it went well!  We went to a really cute restaurant in Phoenix called Hula's.. they have a patio with a firepit and really cute retro Hawaii feel :)  And tomorrow I'm going on another date with someone else!

On Sunday my mom and I wanted to try a new Church.  We decided on a Lutheran Church called Prince of Peace (her choice- I wanted to try a different one).  I wanted to go to a big Church with lots of people there and lots to do there (classes, bible study, retreats) but she assured me this was a "big" church so off we went.  We were kinda running late so we ran in and took our seats right away.  Once we were seated we started to read the bulletin and it looked a little funny- it was talking about "the Ward" and we didn't know what that was and started to think maybe we were there on a special Sunday and this wasn't the normal service.  Then it was time to sing Joy to the World and we sort of eased into everything.  Then it went back to the Ward and we were confused again so my mom asked the lady if she went to that Church and if this service was a typical one.  The lady said it was and it's a 3 hour service and that's what its like for the first hour.  At this point my mom turned back around with a funny look on her face and I told her to ask the lady what church this was, in case we were at the wrong one.  Turns out, we were in a Mormon Church*... whoops! The lady then asked where we wanted to be and if we wanted to leave and we hightailed it out of there and down the street to Prince of Peace so we wouldn't be too late.

After church my mom and I went to breakfast together at True Food Kitchen and did some shopping.  Such a wonderful Sunday with my mom! :)

*Nothing wrong with being Mormon, it's just not what we practice! :)


Marissa said...

I love True Food. I need to go there again ASAP!

Elizabeth said...

:-) Going out with someone else! Exciting! The church story is funny! haha! :-) Glad you had a nice day with your Mom on Sunday.

blue eyed girl said...

haha love the church story lol what'd you have at true food for breakfast? I haven't been yet for breakfast...

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