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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Andre House Phoenix

Last night I volunteered at Andre House.. a "house of hospitality" to serve those in need in Phoenix.  I've never volunteered at soup kitchen like that before and it was a truly amazing experience and makes me so thankful for all I have.  By the looks of some people you would never know they have to come to a place like that to eat.  The food looked amazing too- so much fresh produce and fruit that looked super yummy.. we joked that the food there is better than the food we get at work.  I had my hair braided kind of around my head and one guy told me I look like a princess :) so sweet.  Everyone was so appreciative and thanked us for being there and told us how kind it is that we went to help.  When they first came in there were a couple families with young kids and I looked to the girl next to me and she was crying, which of course made me tear up too!  I have full intentions on returning, ideally once a month if I can.



Elizabeth said...

How awesome!! I love being able to volunteer!

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