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Thursday, April 28, 2011

sweet tomatoes obsession

Do you guys have a Sweet Tomatoes where you're from?  I am OBSESSED with it!  They have a huge salad bar and lots of soups that are so yummy.  It's super cheap (like $8) all you can eat.  Here's a little something from their website:

"Let's just say within 24 hours of being in the ground, it's on a refrigerated truck on its way to us. Our food is made from scratch every day. Our salad bar buffet features over 50 fresh ingredients, including specialty tossed and prepared salads. In addition to salads, we serve original recipe hot pastas, hand-crafted soups, scratch-made muffins, and Focaccia breads in our hot buffet. Create. Indulge. Enjoy."

My aunt was visiting from Ohio and we had plans of taking her to some really nice restaurants but she went to Sweet Tomatoes for her first lunch and was absolutely hooked- she had it like 5 times in the 5 days she was here!  She kinda gave me the Sweet Tomatoes bug even more and I've been craving it like crazy.  It makes it way easier for a girl like me who doesn't like salads all that much to enjoy them :)


Mugdha said...

I LOVE Sweet Tomatoes!! I thought I was going to miss it so much moving to San Diego. Then I found out they just call it Souplantation out in California, but it's the same place, decor and all.

Canny-Cole said...

We dont have one in NY!! :( Waaahh!!

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