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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

shoe stalker

So I was on the Macy's website looking at the Seven jeans I want when I realized I wanted the shoes the model was wearing even more.  I've never been a fan of shoes with a wood sole/heel but it was love at first sight.  I scoured the Macy's website forever but couldn't find them, I searched other websites for hours (no joke) but couldn't find them.  I finally gave up.  Then at Forever 21 I spotted some similar ones and was one happy girl!! They even fit which is rare for me with Forever 21 (I'm a 7.5- not a whole size!).  They're not an exact copy but dare I say, they may be cuter?!

I can't figure out how to get a picture of the shoes from the Macy's website but here's a link:

And here's a link with a better picture of them matched w/ fugly jeans I would never be caught in:

And here are the Forever 21 ones:

Kind of hard to tell from this picture what they're like but they're cute... trust me ;) 

Update: Thanks to a great tip from Jill, I now have pictures! 


Jill said...

love the shoes.

Here is a trick my son taught me to get a picture

1. find the picture you want from a website and put your curser in the top left corner of the picture or wherever you want to top left corner of your picture to be

2.hold down command, shift, 4. You should see some numbers (reminds me of numbers on a map)

3. Clik and drag the curser over the photo

4. let up when you have covered the photo. When you let up the photo will copy onto your desktop

5. voila!

hope this helps:)

CannyCole said...

Cutte shoes! Now you just have to post a pic of you wearing them! You didn't even say HOW MUCH (i bet it was a lot LESS than the macy's version)!!?? I always liked wood shoes, but i feel like i sound like a horse walking in them. Hehe. Do you remember CLOGS from 6th grade!!?!!

bunny said...

haha yes and i never liked them!! they were a bargain at $24!!

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