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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So as I promised, here are the restaurants I've tried recently:

1) The Neiman Marcus Cafe- Somehow, I've never eaten at a Neiman Marcus before but it is delicious!  First they bring you a popover with really yummy strawberry butter- YUM!  I had the turkey burger sliders and a chocolate chip cookie and it was really tasty and the setting was so pretty.

2) Totties Asian Fusion 2- Totties is AMAZING.  If you live in AZ, you must go there asap!  I kept hearing that it was good and had been wanting to try it and I finally went last week and have been back already.  I had the Panang curry and highly reccommend it.  I think they do their spicy-ness on a 1-7 scale and the first time I got a 2 because I heard that the 4 is really spicy but I needed a little more kick so the next time I got a 3 and that was good for me.  While I was deciding on the spicyness I was thinking, WWMD, what would Marissa do? 


Britt said...

Ha! Hilarious. Marissa would put more hot sauce on. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I will agree with Britt, Marissa would want more sauce! :-) I will have to try it out...so close to my work!

Marissa said...

WWMD...hahahahahaha!! Love it!!! :)

bunny said...

hahah Marissa, you and Billy have to go there and do a post on what number you do!

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