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Saturday, November 13, 2010

back from cali

back from cali, and its pretty good to be back! i had a lot of fun but i missed home, my pets, and my family.  i went with someone for what was essentially an extended 3rd date and while he was nice- i could tell it would never work out and i just started getting annoyed with the situation. 

thankfully, i'm off today which is nice to give me time to get back into the groove of things but my mom took off for ohio this morning which i'm a little sad that i didn't get to spend more time with her between our trips! i just got off the phone with her from the airport and she said she left me her watch and is going to start doing that because if anything happens to her while she's away she wants me to have it.  really sweet but makes me sad to think about at the same time.  i think i'll wear it today though ;)

i'm also meeting up with aubrey from made you blush today!  she is so sweet so i can't wait to meet with her in person :)

okay, time to get ready for my day- more recap and photos to come later!



Britt said...

Glad it was a good trip!! Happy weekend. :)

Elizabeth said...

Glad you had a nice trip!! You are meeting a blog friend..how wonderful!! :-)

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